Oulunkylä Youth Centre

Oulunkylä Youth Centre Nuotta is situated right in the middle of Oulunkylä, near the train station and next to Ogeli shopping centre, library and health station. You’ll find us in the same building as the northern branch of the Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki.

Feel free to use our gym during our open activities (ages 13 and up). Built next to the gym is our band rehearsal space that along with its instruments is part of our open activities. Local bands can also reserve a regular practise time for a moderate fee. For more information, contact the youth centre.

Our versatile open activities include playing different sports in the gym hall, nerding it up at the media centre, spending quality time in the living room, playing pool, crafting, cooking, organising tournaments, playing in a band, DJing and a lot more. Jump in!


Wanna have an influence on what happens at the youth centre?

The right place to do so is at our Couch meet-up taking place on every Monday at 15:00 and 19:00. At this house meeting, the young people involved get to collectively decide on upcoming activities, purchases and practices. The Couch meet-up takes place in the living room of Nuotta. Grades 3-6 meet up at 15:00 and ages 13-17 at 19:00. If you can’t make it to the meeting and have something to add to the agenda (also anonymously), email us at oulunkylan.nuorisotalo@hel.fi. We also have a suggestion box at the youth centre where you can drop off your ideas and issues for the Couch meet-up. Notes from the meetings are published on Nuotta’s Facebook page.

On weekends, the youth centre is open on one Saturday a month from 18:00 to 22:45. On Fridays and Saturdays, the programme is built around the wishes of young people. If you have any suggestions for our Saturday activities, contact our youth workers face to face, on Facebook or by calling/texting.

Once a season, Nuotta organises band nights in cooperation with Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory.

Our media centre enables gaming activities and media production. The media centre has seven computers with photo editors, digital single-lens reflex cameras and video cameras for young people to use. We also have software for video editing. It’s possible to borrow our equipment for free.


Stylish photos? Are you interested in photography as a hobby?

At the media centre, you’ll find digital single-lens reflex cameras to practice your photography skills with, independently or under instruction. Multicam photo shoot fashion world style? No problem – we’ll put together a studio and set the lights flashing. You’ll be the model or the photographer.

Something photo-worthy at home?

No problem – you can borrow our so-called media backpack that contains a single-lens reflex camera with all its accessories, a laptop and a photo printer. If needed, you’ll also get some instruction on how to use the equipment and the software. As long as the equipment is returned safe and sound, you’ll only have to pay for the prints. In addition to Photoshop, the media centre is equipped with the complete CS3-package making professional image processing and content creation possible.

Moving picture?

Your own skateboarding film? Blair Witch or BB at the youth centre? Filming your friend’s theatre project premiere? Consider it done! The media centre has a video camera and software for editing. For an affordable price of 0 euros, instruction is included if necessary.

Something completely different?

No, Monty Python has nothing to do with this. At the media centre, you can also make flyers for your school party, print out your favourite photographs from a memory stick in e.g. A4 (at cost price), design album covers for your band or erase that annoying ex from your last summer’s photos.


Since the spring of 2010, local young people have had the chance to practise their musical skills in the rehearsal space downstairs. We have a full PA system and all band instruments. Also, there is a cool studio for recording music.

When making a regular reservation, youth department’s general terms apply. For information on vacant time slots, contact the youth centre at 09-310 69726.

Nuotta also organises regularly irregular band nights. Do you want to organise an entire band night together with your friends or be part of one? Email us at oulunkylan.nuorisotalo@hel.fi and let’s sort out the details.

We’ve had all kinds of bands with different levels of experience perform, and the age is not necessarily an obstacle although we prioritise young artists. Basically, we provide the hall, the PA system and the staff for the night while the performers bring their own instruments and of course their skills. Our band nights, as well as our other activities, are completely substance-free and so both the audience and the performers will be breathalysed.

Contact information

(09) 310 69726
fax (09) 310 88545


Street address
Kylänvanhimmantie 25B
00640 Helsinki

Postal address
PL 5158
00099 Helsingin Kaupunki

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